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Friday, June 15th 2012

3:11 PM

Teen model sander


Related article: Date: Mon, 02 Oct 2006 19:35:03 +0000
From: tim tim
Subject: chapter 68 of coach's assistantHi there guys, well at last this is the first chapter of the final 6 that
will be published in oktober 2006. I had planned to put it on as one big
chapter but all in all that was to much to read all in once. So 7 years
after the first chapter was published here are the last ones. Enjoy it and
let me know what you think of the way the ending is going. Ever few days I
will post a new chapter.If you want to contact me bye e-mail: noway16hotmail.com or through msn
with the same contact address.Have fun,"How?" one of us asked."Well, very easy. The board of education can't criticize us if we're
getting educated, can it? If we make sure we're being educated properly,
that might just get us the positive press we need.""It might," Jordan said, "But how?"Over the next hour we discussed several options but they were all too weak
to be convincing. Simply put, none of them really involved a real
education."OK. Let's do things in a logical order. Who's going to stay the night
down here?"That was something that, it seemed, no one had talked about before. We'd
all brought our lunch ... but what about dinner and night arrangements?
Most kids would go home but we needed to defend 13yo thong model the building. The last
thing we wanted was for the administration to sneak back in. I'm not sure
what happened over the next few hours as we left around 3 p.m., our normal
departure time for that day. I didn't want to stay in the school. I
needed time to prepare for Thursday, but it seemed like they all accepted
that.We went home and told dad about what had happened. No one had told him
what had been going on ... not even any of the people we considered friends
had called.He was happy and worried at the same time. The sit-in would draw even more
attention to the situation. I grahpic model porgram
slept OK that night but was tired the next
morning. Slowly I began to feel that things were becoming too much to
handle. The next few days could be crucial to the case ... my testimony on
the Thursday regarding the stuff that had happened in the hotel. I would
testify, then the lawyers would have the opportunity to cross examine me
... then the prosecution would submit the sections that had been broadcast
in the Internet. dagi blonde model We'd talked a long time about the broadcast, and I know
my lawyer and (I think) my dad watched that material ... before making the
decision that it would support my testimony. I was still not sure of the
outcome, but we needed all the help we could get to convict them. It'd
mean that a lot of people would see it, especially Francis. I wasn't sure
I'd be happy with that. I might try to convince him to leave the courtroom
for that part of the trial. Yea, I needed to talk with him about that.Then there were things at school. I had no idea what had been happening
down there at the moment. I think I'd heard Francis on the phone with some
of them protesters late on the evening before I testified ... but I didn't
know what had been said. How we'd be able to pull this off was one big
riddle to me at that time.It helped to know we had friends ... lots of them ... who were sticking up
for the rights we all had.I went downstairs and found dad and Francis at the breakfast table."So ... what are your plans for today?" my dad asked."I'm not sure. I think I'll stay home and then go to the shrink's office
around noon. He's taken the afternoon off to help me prepare for
tomorrow.""Yea, that's a good idea. I don't think the stress of going into school
would help particularly this morning.""And I can keep you company until you leave, Nick," Francis said."Well, maybe ... but you might go to school and see what's happening so at
least we know what they're up to.""You going to be OK on your own, then?" my dad asked. "I have an
appointment with a union representative.""Oh, yea ... I think so.""Well, if not, I can reschedule my meeting to this afternoon, I'm sure.""No ... you go ahead. I might go to the park and do some sketching again.""OK ... well, call me if you need someone to talk.""I know, dad, but I'm OK ... and, with the shrink's help, it should be
fine.""You think you can handle tomorrow, Nick? You youngvideomodels rapidshare
still can back off if you
want.""No, I think I have to do this. I want them locked up for as long as
possible.""OK. Is there anything else to arrange this morning, then?" dad asked.Maybe this would have been the time to bring it up ... dad would support
me. I knew it'd not make Francis very happy but I had to do this."Yea, I have to be honest," I fhm models said quietly.I looked at Francis and said, "I don't want you in the courtroom tomorrow,
Francis."I saw a shocked expression on his face ... even a bit of hurt."I know you want to be there for me tomorrow ... but I'm not sure I can
tell the whole story in front of others again with you being there ... or
even want you around when they show the internet piece.""Oh! Are you sure, Nick?" he asked.His response was not as bad as I thought it would be. I looked him in his
eyes and tried to bring sweet japanese models into it as much love as I could. "Yea, I hope
you're OK with it, but your being there will only make it more difficult.""I think Nick is right, Francis. It's something he needs to do on his own,
and I'll be there if he needs me.""I know," he said softly. But there was no smile on his face."OK, that's settled. I have to go in a moment so who is going to help me
clear the dishes?""I will, then Nick can go and get eye anatomy model pretten modeling book his stuff to sketch. We can then walk to
the park together."Oh, he wasn't ready to give in! I knew he'd want to talk about it when we
were in private.I got my stuff and waited for him to join me. To my surprise, black children models Francis
didn't raise the subject; he seemed to accept my point of view. We spend
the morning around the park, I sat down on the bank, overlooking the water
and, at some point, I heard Francis playing with some dogs that were
running around the park.Just after lunch we split up. I wasn't too sure but I just assumed he
might go home while I went to the shrink. It melissa model nn was quiet in russian nude modeles the office. I
didn't see the assistant ... so I guessed she had the afternoon off."Ah! There you are, Nick ... come on in."The rest of the afternoon went by in a blur. I got upset with myself
several times. In the end I felt stronger about it all ... the shrink had
been tough on me ... but no tougher than the defense lawyers would be
tomorrow ... but I didn't budge. Now I just had to hope I wouldn't
collapse tomorrow.That evening was spent quietly. None of us felt the need to speak. David
was still staying at Kathy's place but I knew he'd be there tomorrow. I
had a short phone call from Steve who wanted to know if I was still OK
... and whether he could put the last piece out on Friday as planned.And if you think that the Wednesday evening was quiet ... well, Thursday
morning, you could cut the tension with a knife, it was so thick. I got a
hug from Francis just sweet japanese models
before we got in the car ... it said more than a
thousand words could have. I smiled at him and said quietly, "I'll be OK."I wasn't sure what he was going to do that day but I hoped he'd go to
school nonnude models top and meet with the others. I knew he'd talked with Jordan on
Wednesday evening dagi blonde model and Francis had told me that nothing had changed at
school.Nervous asian videos models as a leaf that was about to fall off its tree, I got ready to take
the stand for the second part of my testimony. More journalist than before
had turned up and I thought I'd counted more cameras outside than before.
I knew that Steve was there. I'd seen some teachers, too. I guess they
hadn't had anything else to do today.{I'm not going to bore you with what happened, as you already know. I got
the chance to tell my story, from the moment that I was captured by Mike
until the moment I was rescued 100 nn models from the hotel bedroom. I hadn't looked
once at Mike or the doctors as I didn't dare do that ...but I could hear
the gasps from the audience. Yea, I told them more than I had last time
... in greater detail ... and I knew how it affected them ... just as it
had affected me. }My lawyer smiled positively at me when he went back to his seat. I felt
sweat starting to pore out of me. I could sense that the defense lawyer
was ready for me, that he'd eat me alive. I felt worse as he came closer."So, Nick ... you want us to believe this fantasy of yours?"Even the suggestion that it was all made up forced me to raise my head and
I looked him straight in the eyes. I saw fright in them because I knew he
hadn't expected that reaction. I continued to look him in his eyes and
said, "That was no fantasy; it was, real, every bit of it. Couldn't you
feel it?" I said, not yelling but speaking very softly, very firmly, trying
to stay as calm as I could."So you're saying that all of this is real, not some story cooked up by
your teenage hormones boiling over?""No, sir ... and you, Mike and the doctors know that very well," I said.I still kept calm."Really? And you think it's possible for a male to orgasm that many times
in just one night?""Oh, absolutely ... but I wouldn't suggest that any of you try it ... it's
quite painful."I was so relaxed, so at ease with it all. Well, not at ease ... I'd just
made up my mind that I'd stay calm and relaxed. He'd not get to me, not
this time.My lawyer stood up. "Your honor, I have no idea where counsel is going
with his line of questioning but we heard Nick's testimony a moment ago.""He has a point," the judge noted.I saw the lawyer look back at his clients. This time I looked, too. Mike
had his head down and was looking at the table, while the doctors winked at
their lawyer as he walked back to the defense table."Maybe I can help," my lawyer said. "May we approach, your honor?"I sat and waited. I knew what he would enter as evidence. Until now we'd
kept secret that investigators had found skinny model sections of video of my sexual
torture on the internet, so my lawyer would now cut their claims to shreds.
I saw their lawyer turn a bit pale as he walked back to speak to his
clients.The judge then announced a 10 minute break and I was allowed to step down.I knew dad was there. I just slumped in my chair. The whole thing hadn't
taken more than an hour, I guess, and although the day was far from over, I
already felt drained. I knew what would come next, and I saw out of the
corner of my eye that the court clerk was bringing a TV into the courtroom.
They would only show about a minute or two of the internet video but still
it was more than enough.My lawyer came back to me just as we were about to start again. "I think
you might be in for a surprise after the video presentation," he warned.I looked up at him but, before I could ask tiny russian models what, the judge asked him to
continue.We watched the TV bit ... well, everyone else watched as I was too scared
even to look up. I could still see it, step by cruel step, in my mind
... there was no need to have the images of the TV added to it."Is this it?" the judge asked my lawyer when it was finished."No, sir. We have one more witness."Oh, I thought. What is this?"No, sir. A new witness contacted me during the break. He is willing to
testify and has some relevant information for this case.""A bit late, isn't it?""I agree, your honor, but it's not about the facts of Nick's case. He's
more a character witness.""For the alleged victim?" the judge asked."May I approach, your honor?" my lawyer asked."Yes, of course, let's deal with this," and he motioned to the defense
lawyer as well.I looked up now, suddenly interested in this new development. At first, I
was afraid that Peter or Andrew would walk in to take the stand. That was
something that, despite everything that had happened to me, I wouldn't want
to see.It toOK them quite a bit of time and it seemed that the defense was not
happy with the judge's ruling at all."We will hear the last witness and then take recess until next week for the
defense to prepare its summation," the judge ruled. "You may call your
next witness," he added."I call to the stand Randy Harrison."Shocked, I looked towards the back and there he was ... Randy alias Justin
... who proceeded to walk forward to the stand. He looked at me and
smiled gently.I turned towards my lawyer. "You put him up to this""No, Nick, he came to see me this morning and said he 100 nn models
wanted to help."Damn, I thought ... another life ruined.Well, you can guess what happened next. Randy testified that I, Nick,
hadn't been the first victim who'd been blackmailed by the doctors. He
told them what had happened and he concluded with the words that he teen model sander
that this would set him free from future blackmail as well.The defense had the right to cross-examine him but we all knew they
wouldn't. With Randy's corroborating testimony, it looked to us like Mike
and the doctors would surely be convicted. I couldn't think of anything
that they could bring against us now.I hugged my dad, who smiled and asked, "Glad this is over, Nick?""Definitely, dad, but I am tired. This morning toOK quite a bit out of
me.""I thought it would. You ready to go home then?""Yea, nude uk models
we'd better meet teen models forbidden
the journalists and then get out of here."My lawyer intervened. "OK, let's go. By the way, Randy said he'd drop in
later this afternoon. He wanted to sneak out of here quietly if he could."We left the building through a horde of journalist and a few cameras as
well. But we left the talking ... well, saying "no comments" to our
lawyer.When we came home we didn't sneak in this time, as it was quiet in front of
the house. But then they all had been around the courthouse."So you're glad this is over, Nick?" my dad asked again for reassurance."Well, it's not over, dad, but at least he trial is nearly done.""You think they won't give up, even now?""No idea. I was surprised though that they handled it all so carefully
this time ... no hard attacks ... nothing.""Yea, it's just as if they still have something up there sleeves.""Well, we'll just have to wait and see. We'll know more about their
strategy if the journalists print more lies in tomorrow's newspaper."Francis wasn't home and I missed him. I wasn't sure when he'd be back but
he probably thought that today's court session would last all day.An hour or so later, Randy showed up, not by the front door but through the
garden. It seemed that everybody now knew the back way in."Hi! Can I come in?" he asked."Yea, of course you can," I said."Well, I wasn't sure, as me being there must have been a bit of a
surprise.""You can say that again, Randy. I just hope what you did today won't ruin
your career. I have ruined enough people's lives so far.""Oh, I don't think so, Nick, and I had to testify ... I wanted to end the
chances of blackmail forever.""I understand. So, when did you decide to do it?""Yesterday, after I talked with Alexei. I had to be in town anyway for
tomorrow, so I thought ... what the heck ... I can come in one day
earlier.""Well, I'm sure it wasn't that easy a decision to make.""No, it wasn't Nick, but the situation forced my hand. So what have you
planned for your afternoon off?""Nothing. To be honest, I was just wondering where Francis was.""You've called him already?""Yea, but it seems he doesn't have his cell phone with him.""Oh, that's strange.""Yea, he must have forgotten it somewhere.""So what do you want to do this afternoon?""Are you up for some sketching, Randy?""Yea, that sounds like a plan, Nick. Where do you want to go?""I'm black children models
not too sure. toplist teenie models Oh! I know! There's a little lake just outside town.""That sounds good. We'd better dress up, though, as it's getting colder."Randy followed my directions, back towards that lake ... the lake that had
very nice memories for me, even though it now looked a lot different. With
the fall colors surrounding it, it even looked better than it did in the
late spring time."Wow, this is great!" enthused Randy."Yea, I thought it would be a nice place for a good bit of drawing.""You can say that again, Nick. Is that a café down there?""Yea, it's a great place but it's not open at this time of the year.""OK! Let's get to work."For the rest of the afternoon we made several drawings of the lakeshore. I
must admit that I learned several new techniques from Randy, stuff I picked
up very quickly. He was good at this."So, you're in town to film the next part of the QAF?" I asked him after a
long period of silent work."No ... I'm here now by coincidence more than anything else.""Yea ... but that could be what the newspapers will say, Randy, about
today.""They won't care ... well, at least not in a negative way. Oh, I'll get
some comment from one or two of them, but it'll be positive comment, I'm
betting.""Well, maybe you should have told the public relations people for the
program what you were going to do.""It won't matter. It's harder to talk about this to your loved ones nude poser models
in court. Is that why you didn't want Francis to be in the courtroom
today?"I blushed. He'd caught me. He was right. It was difficult to talk about
to start with but, with your loved ones around, it was even more difficult."I guess you're nonnude models top right about that, Randy.""So, we'll just have to teen model colombian
wait and see what happens during the next few days.
The series is in hiatus on TV at the moment, so I hope my testimony won't
attract too much attention in the media and the whole episode will blow
over in a few days."We continued to draw a bit more."Randy, can I ask you something?""Always. What is there to hide now, Nick?""I don't know Randy, but this is kind of personal, you know.""Go ahead, Nick.""Did they ever rape you? Or ... well ... fuck you under threat?""Yea, that was part of it, too, Nick.""Sorry to stir up those memories but how did you deal with it?"He looked at me but didn't say anything."I mean ... well ... you know sweet japanese models
nonnude models top ... after that, with someone you loved, I
presume you ..." I started to color a bit as I was making a lot of
assumptions now."Don't worry, I know what you mean as it has been quite a bit of a problem
for me, too. So far, peachy teen model I haven't met anyone that I could trust enough to let
him do that to me, Nick.""Oh, I'd hoped you could have given me some pointers on dealing with it.""You trust Francis, don't you?""Yea, he would never hurt me ... with my head I know that but ..."We remained silent again for a bit."Maybe it's not about trusting Francis, Nick. I sometimes think it's about
trusting me again. Trusting myself to be able to enjoy it again, trusting
myself not get flashback images, even though I hardly ever get them any
more. If I were in your place, I'd be scared, too. So maybe that worries
you ... the fear of your own reaction.""Could be. I just want to so much but, yea, being afraid of it is a big
part.""Yea, but wouldn't he stop immediately if you said so? It's not like
before ... if you say NO, he'd immediately stop. You trust him enough for
that.""Oh, yea. He'd never do anything to hurt me. That is out of the
question.""I thought so. So maybe you should just try it. Make sure you are in a
safe setting and let him know what might happen so he's prepared, too.""Yea ... well, we'll see.""You're really getting good at this, did you know that, Nick?"I saw him looking at my drawings. "I guess I'm not bad.""I don't know if you have a lot of work completed, but I think that nude colombian model
I might
know someone who'd be interested in putting them in a show.""You think so? No way! I'm not that good.""Oh, I think you'd be surprised, Nick.""Well, I only have a few so far ... so I don't have enough anyway ... and
they're not all as good as this one either.""If I can take this one with me to show him, he might contact you."He saw me hesitate. I had enough things to deal with at the moment, I
thought."What have you got to lose, Nick?"He was right about that."OK, I guess you've got me there. I've nothing to lose."At the end of the afternoon, we went back to the house. I expected Francis
to be there but he wasn't and also my dad was not there."Well, it seems it's just the two of us. You want to have a bite to eat,
Randy?""Could do, if you don't mind me hanging around, that is?""No, it's nice. I don't want to be alone at the moment."Around 7 the phone rang."Hello, Nick speaking.""Hey! At last, it's good to hear your voice, Nick. How are you doing?"
What a relief! It was Francis."I'm OK but where are you and why didn't you take your phone with you?
I've been trying to call 100 nn models you.""Yea, I forgot it. I did try to call you earlier but you weren't home,
although your dad said the trial ended early.""Oh, did you go to school?""No, I spend most of the day with my mom and, since 5 p.m., I've been with
Jordan and the other guys. But I'll fill you in on all of that when I get
back in about amanda may model an hour. Is that OK?""Yea, I'm looking forward to that. I'll ask Randy to keep me company till
then.""Oh! Is he there? We wondered where he was. Tell him to give Jordan a
ring when he gets back to his hotel room.""OK! Will do! See you in an hour.""Love you, Nick."I hung up the phone and looked at Randy. "I'm not sure what's going on or
that I want to know but Jordan wants you to ring him when you get back to
the hotel.""Oh, was that Francis?""Yea. We'll find out more in detail when he gets back.""So you're not going to tell me anything?"He was saved by the bell as they say as the phone rang again."Nick," I said."Hi, Nick. This is Steve.""Hey! How are you?""Doing OK. I just finished the article for tomorrow and wanted to ask you
if you could read through it.""Yea, that's fine. Could you e-mail it to me?""Yep. Go and read it and then call me ... although there's not a lot of
surprises in it, I think.""OK, I'll send it right back.""That was Steve, Randy. He send me an e-mail he wants me to read, so can
food wait for a bit?""Of course ... go ahead."Upstairs I started up the computer and opened the mail.His message said, "Here is the piece for the newspaper tomorrow, Nick. Let
me know if you are OK with it, although I didn't asian videos models need to add a lot today."Here is the text of his story:"In my last piece, I wrote that that Thursday had been my hardest day as a
journalist. Lots of things have happened since then, but I'm still
standing behind what I wrote and have been doing since then. Yesterday was
the hardest day in my life not as a journalist but as a person. It is
incredible that people are able to hurt other people on purpose. More than
ever, I have an incredible respect for the way that Nick was able to nude uk models tell
what happened. After his testimony, the internet images which were
presented later on were not really necessary in order to give an adequate
description of the deeds of the accused. I don't see any other option than
that they will be convicted. I think even the defense lawyer came to that
conclusion today as his questioning of Nick was a lot less aggressive and
hostile than it had been earlier.Everything that has been presented in court has also put the story that
Nick had frankly and fully told me in interviews in a broader black children models perspective.
Here is the last bit of the interview that I had with him before the trial
started:[Steve then quoted sections of my earlier interview, which were consistent
with what I testified to in court.]So, hopefully, to conclude this sad but true story I can only say two
things about our current school situation. The first is the negative
angle: 13yo thong model I didn't think that people who were responsible for the development
of children into young adults with a full understanding of principles such
as a respect topless teenmodel 14yo and understanding of human rights nn pantie model could toplist teenie models
be so easily
influenced by a little group of very danya teen model narrow minded people whose views are
not one bit better than those of any extremist who wants to impose his
views onto someone else without reason, respect or understanding.The second conclusion is one relating to me: that I will never be persuaded
to write untruthful rubbish for money or under any threat. asian videos models I've seen the
hurt and anguish caused by the writings of some other "writers" using the
name of journalist. I've come to understand the dangers to independent
news when it is based simply on making money and being successful by
destroying the reputations of others.To conclude 13yo thong model I can only say that I've been impressed with Nick's strength
and authority as a person, the way he's handled the whole situation and the
way he's stood up for his teen models forbidden rights as a citizen erotic model 16yo of the United States.
Well, that looked good to me. I had nothing to change although I did think
that that last bit was a little much but, then again, they were his words
and not mine.I send him a reply letting him know that I was OK with the piece. Although
it wouldn't be in the school newspaper this time but in a real one, the
article looked good enough to me.When I came down, I looked at Randy. "So why do you need to call Jordan?""Oh, that has something to do with what I need to do tomorrow. Let's see
what he has to tell me."He blac nude models got out his mobile and I saw the number was in his address boOK as he
pressed just one button before he starting talking. I tried to listen in
but was disturbed when the back door opened."Hi, Nick! How are you, love?""Missing you, Francis.""Yea, I know that feeling. I was glad to hear that you were with Randy,
though.""We went out drawing at the lake."He smiled and said, "Good! I hope that brought back some positive
thoughts.""Oh, definitely. And you were right; it was good to talk with Randy.""You weren't mad at him any more?""Well, how could I, after his testimony this morning?""He was afraid you would still be upset. I had him on the phone this
morning before his testimony. He said he'd wanted to contact you but
wasn't sure how you'd respond to it.""We've ariens model 10962 talked it through now, so that's good. So what is this all about,
the call to Jordan? What are they up to, Francis?""I nude model sucking think they might have found a way to circumvent the education board
while still occupying the school and preventing others from getting things
through. Not sure it will work, but they have done an awful lot of
arranging, as far as I know.""So what has that got to do with Randy?""Oh I think he and Alexei have something to do with it ... I'm not sure
what their role is.""We'll see if Randy can explain a bit more.""Well, they might not want to say anything as they're not sure their plan
will work."Randy was still on the phone so we just waited for him to finish.He ended with the words "OK, I'll be there in 20 minutes. No, if you don't
want black children models
me to say anything, I won't."We looked at each other and knew that he wouldn't be able to tell us a lot."Sorry, guys," he said. "I overheard the last bit of the conversation you
had and I guess you overheard mine, so you know I can't tell you a lot more
than Francis already knows. But I'm sure I'll see you around eye anatomy model tomorrow at
some point."
More to come really soon.If you want to contact me bye e-mail: noway16hotmail.com or through msn
with the same contact address. Or check out my website at
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